Bharani is a folk ritual that commemorates the tale of a godly revenge, observed annually in the town of Kodungallur, Kerala. During the festival devotees assemble in large numbers and use harsh cuss words to appease the goddess. The frenzied atmosphere, intense forms of expressions and significant departures from human mannerisms from the otherwise divine air constitutes a unique sight, year after year. I have been documenting Bharani for over two decades, a folk festival native to me. What I began with a basic film camera has transformed into digital today. Yet witnessing it and keeping track of the recurring faces continues to intrigue me. The occasion evokes a rare atmosphere in the whole town, offering invaluable contributions to my stories, year after year.


Meena Bharani - Kerala Cultural Photography by KR Sunil Photo


Meena-Bharani-Kerala-Cultural-Photography-by KR-Sunil













Exibited at Dhurbar Hall (Lalithakala academy Art Gallery) 2004 (40 Images)