Exhibited at the Uru Art Harbour, Kochi, 2017 The historic port town of Mattancherry has enjoyed a preservation of time – in what meets the eye as well as in the spirit of life essayed through its densely inhabited neighbourhoods. Centuries of trading has attracted diverse ethnicities to Mattancherry. Today, despite being a small region, it is home to a rich collection of cultures that includes Jews, Kutchis and Anglo Indians. While life is essentially the same, there are finely inlaid traits to Mattancherry that deepens its sights and layers the stories it narrates. What the aura of a place adds to the everyday life instances is what I have essayed with this series. Each of them feature unique stories, but they are all bound by the inevitable presence of Mattancherry and its richly textured history.












Exhibited at Uru Art Harbour, 2018 (24 Images)